Friday, September 24, 2010

Moon Time

I was doing my normal morning routine, adding items to etsy and artfire and then checking to see what new items have been added by others. My eye was caught on etsy by a cute pumpkin fabric pattern. Not knowing what the actual item was, I checked it out. Turns out it was a reusable menstrual pad. Seeing as I make some myself, I decided to do some snooping, see how they made theirs, etc. SIX DOLLARS?!?!? How do I compete with that?
I decided to make my own after buying one from the store and not liking the absorbancy (or lack there of) of the cotton flannel layer. Everything just sat on top. EW!! The one I bought at the store was $30.00 plus tax. So I tried to keep mine around the same price, to be competitive. Any less, though, and it wouldn't be much worth my time to make them.

I make my Moon Pads with a handwoven core pad, two layers of waffle weave cotton. Then a layer of waterproof material, to keep from leaking through. And two layers of cotton flannel for the base, and for comfort. I take a lot of pride to try to make mine as functional as possible. But I could not compete with these prices at all! And who's going to buy the fancy ones for $30.00 when they can get five of the others for the same price! *sigh* I guess I'll just have to hope that people look for quality over price.
I love using my own product. And I think that's important. I feel it's imperative to try to reduce as much waste as possible, without sacrificing comfort (but not just being lazy).

Keep thinking green!


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