Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ugh. Hallways...

Hi everyone!

Been a busy week, at work and at home. Turns out Bell decided to take the Rogers Sportsnet channels out of their channel lineup. Now every Canuck junky in town is switching over to Starchoice so they can watch Vancouver lose 10-2 to Edmonton... Fun. And considering I'm not even a hockey fan it's kind of awkward setting up a dish and they are all chatting up about the last game and whatnot. I usually just smile and nod, or act like I dropped something; it distracts them. We all know hockey fans get easily distrac... ...Where did my cat go?!

The other reason I have been busy is Bizz and I ripped out the old rotten deck behind the house and pretty much every day after work I light the cut up boards in our firepit for a few hours.

Now I don't know about you, but for me whenever I sit around a fire usually conversation sparks up. A couple days ago Bizz and I were sitting around the fire watching our deck burn and for no apparant reason I sparked up on this 20 minute rant on how I hate hallways. I know its a wierd thing to hate, but I find them to be completely and absolutely useless space. Think about it; who enjoys to linger in a hallway? It's long, cramped, and I don't think I've ever been able to play a game of scrabble in a hallway. I'm a fan of open spaces.

In terms of my business though, I've been somewhat stagnant. Farmers Markets are pretty much done for the winter apart from the occassional indoor markets. Etsy hasn't provided me any sales yet so I feel a tad discouraged there even though I know I shouldn't. BUT! I got some awesome canvas prints on the way and some cool photography ideas I'd love to try out.

I made probably the best spaghetti I have ever ate the other day. Wow it was good...

Sorry ladies and gent, ADHD is really kicking in right now, I guess I'm getting hella tired. I do wanna leave you with a funky song. This is something I wanna add to my blog posts from now on cause I'm a fan of music and good music is sometimes to find. Anyways, this is  Long Distance Call by Phoenix check it out.

Until Next Time.


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  1. You must admit, though, that hallways are very useful for getting to places that you need to go, like bed and the bathroom. They are also useful for getting from the places you need to go back to places you may want to be like, say, the kitchen or the living room. I say we should invent hallway scrabble. It can be magnetic and hang on the wall so people can just stop and play whenever they pass by.