Friday, September 24, 2010

My Head Just Ker-ploded!

Oh hey there everyone. I'm sorry I haven't blogged in two weeks or more. It's really quite embarrassing, especially since when I made the blog I told myself, "Listen Dan, if your gonna make this blog, do it right! Don't just make an awesome introduction post and then leave everybody hanging." And here I was, doing that exact thing. Sounds like this Thanksgiving, I'm the turkey.

So now that my apologies are done we are on to business; how I have been sick like a dog for almost a week. I know it's that time of the year and all, you know, when kids head back to school and share all their little boogers and cooties with each other to create awful supergerms, which then gets passed on to their parents. Unfortunately through the chain of unhygeinity and currency, these boogergerms get passed on to an electronic retailer/photographer such as myself. Bizz being sick for two days previous might also be a factor, but I doubt it. Anyhow, now I have been plagued with all sorts of nasty side effects. From loss of depth perception, to abstract paranoia, to sleeping 22 1/2 hours in a day, to being unable to speak/hear/taste/touch/see anything around me. This has definately been effecting my productivity to say the least.

But wait! There is a light! I have begun to hope, nay dream! of an escape from this onslaught of mindnumbing pathogens. The streaming river has subsided to a trickle from my nostrils so I believe my hypothetical "Summer of Eupepsia" is on the horizon. And in response I have actually got some work done! I spent way too much money on canvas prints in the last day or two, which has its good and its bad. The good is these prints look amazing! The bad is I'm broke again (still?). I also did a print order, stocking up on some prints that I have been selling alot of and getting a few new ones. Again this doesn't help the being broke factor, but I am justifying it as a business investment. Oh, and I ripped out my old rotting deck and burnt it...

I guess all this mammering brings us to this point I'm trying to make. I'm broke. Not just kinda broke, stupidly broke. Being low on cash, it's hard to build a stock and selection without therefore gaining more cash, and typically whatever cash I have received has been tossed at bills and debts. Now I have been slowly learning to put money aside to invest into my new business (and Bizz's). Since then whatever we have used towards our businesses has been great investments. Being a younger man all this is a new experience for me. The idea of not spending money when I have it and actually putting it aside with the direct goal of using it to increase my net worth and aid my business is not only something that is a valuable life lesson but also creating a growing perspicacity within myself. It's nice.

So time for our little follow up question. How has your business or job or work or career taught you something about yourself? Has it been beneficial or something you wish you never learnt in the first place? 

Until next time.


  1. Been sick with one of those superbugs myself all of last week. I didn't get hit as hard as you did because I am a believer in vitamin c being the cure for that kind of thing. And I don't mean by taking one a day. When I start to feel like I'm coming down with something I take a lot of vitamin c. I take 4-6 tablets at once. I take 1-2 every few hours after that and make sure I take at least 1 or 2 before bed. My dad was a nurse and had told me to do this. I thought it seemed like a dangerously high dosage but I haven't been sick in years. I was sick this time because it was late at night when I started feeling sick and I had only 3 tablets left. By the time I bought more the next morning I was already feeling the effects of the bug. Anyway, about the follow up question. I love having my own business but as a jewellery maker I have to say that inventory is a b**ch. I didn't realize I would have to count beads. I have too much stock and don't have bills for everything because I bought lots of beads before I registered myself as a business. I don't know where to start and the thought of crossing beads off the list every time I make a new piece is depressing! At this point I'm estimating and that's going to have to do for now.

    Sorry for the extra long comment. It's almost a blog post. lol.

  2. Dan, we call it at our house "the pit of despair" where we throw all the money. I wish I could say I was a young girl but sadly not. Still I love being an independant crafts person and really,really don't want to back to regular work. Keep on, keeping on and you will succeed!

  3. Financial advisors always say: Pay yourself first! Even if it's only a few dollars, put something away for you. As for being sick... well, I'm glad you're feeling better. Can't wait to see the canvases.